Making it On My Own

Through making this blog i have realised opportunites are not going to be handed out to me on a silver platter i have to work hard for it and really show people i am serious about making it as a pro dancer/ Choreographer for the big names, this is no hobby for me, this is my everything! So pleaseee Help me im not asking you to devote yourself to be but just help a little, have a little faith because one day I WILL make it and ill have all of you to thank for spreading the word and giving me inspiration that this hard work isnt for nothing and dont worry il try fit you all in on my TrueHollywoodStory! 😀 Love Youssss

By LiyahDB

Wednesday 26th September 2012 x

A slow start to the day this morning got to BOA at 10:30am wasn’t really feeling dance today, as i got more warm i wanted to do more, had lunch and was expecting something boring BUT got completely surprised i was thrown in the deep end and was made to do style of jazz i really embrassed and put all my effort into thanks to Mrs Troman! 

As i was doing the moves i was thinking about what id like to see, there was a particular move that i really loved doing and it was the chicken walks as dancers call it some may call it different although iv never seen a chicken walk that way and it reminded me of the jive, i love the fact that i had an input of my style of dance into this routine which i think shown the teachers what i was made of and what im going to improve on. Keeeeeep Dancing

By LiyahDB

Monday 24th September 2012 x

Got up @ 6:20am this morning, I’m sooo tired and being at dance oh man aching like mad someone needs to give me a massage like assap was almost late this morning because the british doesn’t know how to drive in the rain considering it rains 85% of the time you’d think the nation would have mastered it and to top it off I waited for a friend for 2 hours and I get ditched AGAIN but you know what. Props for doing you because I know for sure you’d go home here’s me trying to be nice, being nice don’t get you no where in life (lesson learnt) but I’m gonna put mu feet up and have a cheeky hot tea and go sleeep! Night bloggers … P.s SHOUT OUT to people doing them.

By LiyahDB

Saturday 22nd September 2012 (late night post)x

Welll… Had an awful start to the day.. No longer seeing someone I truly care about .. I quote “sometimes you have to give up on people not that you don’t care its because they don’t” I believe that 100 percent… Anyway apart from that had a really relaxed day went for a late lunch to nandos with the sisterrr sophiee, and saw my other sister kasy who iv missed not being at home for a while, used to seeing her round face everyday “tilted smiley face” well I’m awfully tired so Night bloggers Liyah’Labelle

By LiyahDB

Friday 21st September 2012 x (part 2)

Well! Bet you’ve been curious to where iv been… Be curious no longer iv been in PAIN tooth infection has pulled me away from all technology, never realised how much a tooth ache can hurt seriously! At some point I was contemplating killing myself just getting it over and done withhh but though OMGEEE nooo waste of legs and talent can’t do that haha even though I didn’t sleep wednesday 19th all night even kept my poor mother awake poor thing haha “tilted smiley face” had my BOA performance launch evening on the thursday 20th was completely wetting myself turned out to be a complete shambles really.. Messed up on a darn shoulder role, No-one knew who the V.I.P guest was, it was cold and I had to leave my gawjus italian teacher georgio..missing him already If your out there reading this hubby I love youuuuuu!!! Haha anywayy- once I’d done it Nev taken me for a cheeky pizza hut “tilted smiley face” slept like a baby that night I knew what was comingg that’s why no bad boy tooth ache going to keep me from sleep! Friday 21st was a drag actually hated the whole day and wanted to be at home 2bh the best part was a dance lesson with Miss Kershaw she’s lovely! Getting to know and making new friends everyday I LaLaLarve it! Going to end this night with a Cheeky Spaghetti bolonase nomnomnom mo fo! Have a good Friday Night Bloggers Liyah’Labelle

By LiyahDB

Monday 17th September 2012 x

Was up at 6:15am this morning left home at 7:30 to get ready for Dance at BOA, didn’t get the whole routine today which was frustrating felt like just jumping out the window.. I didn’t, I thought about it had a deep breathe and come to terms that I’m not always going to get it… Adding the frustration I’m trying to impress Georgio the teacher from motionhouse like a guest I thought I was inlove with him until becky his colleague was all up on my man! I got Jealous DW ladies and gents I then worked my ass off and got the routine … Point of this post is Quit trying to impress people and do yo thang! Later on in the evening I’m tired and want to sleep but more stress approaches with boys .. That’s another drama To Be Continued…

By LiyahDB

Sunday 16th September 2012 x

Today… I was with for another fashion show casting… It was a good turn out all models have potential as I am a support coach for the models I know what KGW nlsvip is looking for and how I can guide while doing my choreography … Dance and Choreography is every where my fellow dancers (WinkWink) hehehe… Now lazy sunday beginssssss rest my muscles for dance at BOA!

By LiyahDB

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