Monday 17th September 2012 x

Was up at 6:15am this morning left home at 7:30 to get ready for Dance at BOA, didn’t get the whole routine today which was frustrating felt like just jumping out the window.. I didn’t, I thought about it had a deep breathe and come to terms that I’m not always going to get it… Adding the frustration I’m trying to impress Georgio the teacher from motionhouse like a guest I thought I was inlove with him until becky his colleague was all up on my man! I got Jealous DW ladies and gents I then worked my ass off and got the routine … Point of this post is Quit trying to impress people and do yo thang! Later on in the evening I’m tired and want to sleep but more stress approaches with boys .. That’s another drama To Be Continued…

By LiyahDB

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