Friday 21st September 2012 x (part 2)

Well! Bet you’ve been curious to where iv been… Be curious no longer iv been in PAIN tooth infection has pulled me away from all technology, never realised how much a tooth ache can hurt seriously! At some point I was contemplating killing myself just getting it over and done withhh but though OMGEEE nooo waste of legs and talent can’t do that haha even though I didn’t sleep wednesday 19th all night even kept my poor mother awake poor thing haha “tilted smiley face” had my BOA performance launch evening on the thursday 20th was completely wetting myself turned out to be a complete shambles really.. Messed up on a darn shoulder role, No-one knew who the V.I.P guest was, it was cold and I had to leave my gawjus italian teacher georgio..missing him already If your out there reading this hubby I love youuuuuu!!! Haha anywayy- once I’d done it Nev taken me for a cheeky pizza hut “tilted smiley face” slept like a baby that night I knew what was comingg that’s why no bad boy tooth ache going to keep me from sleep! Friday 21st was a drag actually hated the whole day and wanted to be at home 2bh the best part was a dance lesson with Miss Kershaw she’s lovely! Getting to know and making new friends everyday I LaLaLarve it! Going to end this night with a Cheeky Spaghetti bolonase nomnomnom mo fo! Have a good Friday Night Bloggers Liyah’Labelle

By LiyahDB

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