Wednesday 26th September 2012 x

A slow start to the day this morning got to BOA at 10:30am wasn’t really feeling dance today, as i got more warm i wanted to do more, had lunch and was expecting something boring BUT got completely surprised i was thrown in the deep end and was made to do style of jazz i really embrassed and put all my effort into thanks to Mrs Troman! 

As i was doing the moves i was thinking about what id like to see, there was a particular move that i really loved doing and it was the chicken walks as dancers call it some may call it different although iv never seen a chicken walk that way and it reminded me of the jive, i love the fact that i had an input of my style of dance into this routine which i think shown the teachers what i was made of and what im going to improve on. Keeeeeep Dancing

By LiyahDB

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