Apology!Thursday 11th October 2012 x

Omg I’m soo sorry I have been so busy we had the fashion show last Saturday soo much is been going on and Jane I get back from BOA I’m so tired! It’s my birthday tomorrowwwww! Yay canine wait like I’m gonna dance my heart out as per usual last year I was at dance on y birthday and itwassuch a good day even though I turned UNO to work like half hour late lmao haha, well snored the word people sorryyy 

pictures and may have a video of me doing my dance performance ostatue day may be uploaded! Wel seeee 


By LiyahDB


Haven’t been let down this much in my ENTIRE life, seriously I swear people are supposed well not people myy “friends” are supposed to be behind me and push me and encourage me!
Oml stab me in the face and turn it 88 degrees.
I just wrote on my blackberry status, Life: don’t know how to dance to that beat… Bring on Saturday- I can do bad all by myself! Me,myself and I says my girl B!

By LiyahDB