Reading A Book… Saturday 3rd November 2012 x

Reading a book is really something… It takes me out of reality and gives me something to think about other than my life And the chaos! Lets me engage in time alone 50 shades of grey hehe…

Im going to Make It! 

By LiyahDB

I’m back!

Been way too long, going to make sure I get some clips of me dancing… So I can upload them! Show everyone what I’m made of! Another performance at the KGW Fashion Show i have a 5 minute performance slot on 1st December 2012 6:30 pm till 10:30 pm at The rock Church , Lichfield house, Lichfield street Walsall town centre opposite Morrisons car park WS1 ITE 

Tickets: children U12 / o.a.p – £5.00

standard ticket- £10.00 moment goes to charity! 

or ticket sellers 

tickets on the door also.

 Please come and support me! Help me Branch out! Xxx

By LiyahDB