Contempary And Jazz Class (Tuesday 5th March 2013)x

Really liked contemp and jazz today, worked my ass off not to my full extent because I wasn’t feeling very well today but rather than show it I just got on with it, was sweatinggg after contemp haha, Mr Mason put me through me pases today! Haha!
Jazz, hmmmm love jazz loads but i think I just when I put in loads of effort to get it right I still get it wrong or I’m the ONLY one who can’t get it right which is poo! Still practising and rehearsing…

Note to self: get music for contemp!
P.s Keeeeeeep Dancing!

By LiyahDB

Back at YDC update ( Saturday 2nd March 2013)x

so… being back at young dance center is strange but also feels like i never left been there that long, did a new jive today and was weird because i picked it up quite quick, quicker than i thought i would… so i think it was a good day in dance today.

Note to self and others: Keep up the good work, concentrate, never loose sight of your dream and keeeeeep dancing

By LiyahDB