Seearching For… Male Dancer

Soo difficult to find a male dancer! … That would just complete everything… Going dancing today then watching Step Up: Miami Heat makes me definitely want a male dancer to investigate the dance life just that little bit more!

Me and my dreams ay….

By LiyahDB

Contempary And Jazz Class (Tuesday 5th March 2013)x

Really liked contemp and jazz today, worked my ass off not to my full extent because I wasn’t feeling very well today but rather than show it I just got on with it, was sweatinggg after contemp haha, Mr Mason put me through me pases today! Haha!
Jazz, hmmmm love jazz loads but i think I just when I put in loads of effort to get it right I still get it wrong or I’m the ONLY one who can’t get it right which is poo! Still practising and rehearsing…

Note to self: get music for contemp!
P.s Keeeeeeep Dancing!

By LiyahDB

Back at YDC update ( Saturday 2nd March 2013)x

so… being back at young dance center is strange but also feels like i never left been there that long, did a new jive today and was weird because i picked it up quite quick, quicker than i thought i would… so i think it was a good day in dance today.

Note to self and others: Keep up the good work, concentrate, never loose sight of your dream and keeeeeep dancing

By LiyahDB

#DancerProblems Wednesday 16th January 2013 x

On way to BOA when my buss the 997 decides to go at 10mph and still be sliding everywhere… Then the back breaks go from all that pressure he’s been putting on them from trying to stop sliding everywhere… Soo after everyone gets of the 997 there’s a 934 behind and evryone rams themselves on this one… Instead of having mr slow and steady on the 997 we have the west midlands batman going 60mph on black ice?! Don’t kill me I need to DANCE!

By LiyahDB

I’m back!

Been way too long, going to make sure I get some clips of me dancing… So I can upload them! Show everyone what I’m made of! Another performance at the KGW Fashion Show i have a 5 minute performance slot on 1st December 2012 6:30 pm till 10:30 pm at The rock Church , Lichfield house, Lichfield street Walsall town centre opposite Morrisons car park WS1 ITE 

Tickets: children U12 / o.a.p – £5.00

standard ticket- £10.00 moment goes to charity! 

or ticket sellers 

tickets on the door also.

 Please come and support me! Help me Branch out! Xxx

By LiyahDB

Apology!Thursday 11th October 2012 x

Omg I’m soo sorry I have been so busy we had the fashion show last Saturday soo much is been going on and Jane I get back from BOA I’m so tired! It’s my birthday tomorrowwwww! Yay canine wait like I’m gonna dance my heart out as per usual last year I was at dance on y birthday and itwassuch a good day even though I turned UNO to work like half hour late lmao haha, well snored the word people sorryyy 

pictures and may have a video of me doing my dance performance ostatue day may be uploaded! Wel seeee 


By LiyahDB


Haven’t been let down this much in my ENTIRE life, seriously I swear people are supposed well not people myy “friends” are supposed to be behind me and push me and encourage me!
Oml stab me in the face and turn it 88 degrees.
I just wrote on my blackberry status, Life: don’t know how to dance to that beat… Bring on Saturday- I can do bad all by myself! Me,myself and I says my girl B!

By LiyahDB

Making it On My Own

Through making this blog i have realised opportunites are not going to be handed out to me on a silver platter i have to work hard for it and really show people i am serious about making it as a pro dancer/ Choreographer for the big names, this is no hobby for me, this is my everything! So pleaseee Help me im not asking you to devote yourself to be but just help a little, have a little faith because one day I WILL make it and ill have all of you to thank for spreading the word and giving me inspiration that this hard work isnt for nothing and dont worry il try fit you all in on my TrueHollywoodStory! 😀 Love Youssss

By LiyahDB

Wednesday 26th September 2012 x

A slow start to the day this morning got to BOA at 10:30am wasn’t really feeling dance today, as i got more warm i wanted to do more, had lunch and was expecting something boring BUT got completely surprised i was thrown in the deep end and was made to do style of jazz i really embrassed and put all my effort into thanks to Mrs Troman! 

As i was doing the moves i was thinking about what id like to see, there was a particular move that i really loved doing and it was the chicken walks as dancers call it some may call it different although iv never seen a chicken walk that way and it reminded me of the jive, i love the fact that i had an input of my style of dance into this routine which i think shown the teachers what i was made of and what im going to improve on. Keeeeeep Dancing

By LiyahDB