• These are just a few hand full of my medals the ones that mean the most!

    Video Of Me,Desta And Jeramiah                                                                                          Dance Improvisation NLSVIP Fashion Show

The letters D.A.N.C.E mean Determination, Ambition, Nerves, Confidence, Enthusiasm. What do they mean to you?


Just a Few Of  My Inspirations =)

Karen Latimer&Alan Young

These two people have known me for 12-13 years and have taught me nearly everything i know, i first started YoungDancentre when it was my 5th birthday and because my mom and dad was soo tired of me showing them all the dances iv made up in my bedroom they both decided to take me to a place i could really stretch out! so i arrive and my eyes just light up! I can remember every feeling i felt on that day it was on the 12th October 2000 at 7:30 on a friday night for disco class (tearrr)  hehehe….

i then upgraded to a saturday class that started at around 10:15 and finished at 12:45 and upgraded and upgraded i couldnt get enough of ydc i taken part in everything i could! And i love every single thing i possibly could they are my family, i made soo much close friends, who i can hardly call friends they are my family  and i will never forget them, although after soo many years i have left ydc to persue another step in my life as i get older. We have made soo many memories together e.g when Karen dropped me!  We have been collegues, advisers, shoulders to lean on, bad influences.

  Forever in my heart ydc and ALL the girls from the big ones (The mommies) to little Evie and Libby ones Love Youuu 

Laurieann Gibson

 My insperation <3

OMG where do i start, The work laurieann creates is just amazing my dream is to have one dance in Boomkack Studios and release all the emotion of dance through my eyes and performance, i am waiting for this one time where i dance and a tear rolls down my face in happiness and ‘i feel the dance’ i know this will happen in Boomkack studios someday somehow.


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